Monday, March 21, 2011

Musings on 3D for last week and this week

I've been collecting stories and links and will now try to put some of my own thoughts to said stories and links.

First up, some links close to myself and IU.

This Saturday, March 26th, at 3:00 pm will be a reprise of The Best of the Advanced Visualization Lab - 3D in the world class IU Cinema.  If you missed our premiere showing back in January, please make some time and get your free tickets to join us on the 26th.  We'll be showcasing 3D media from researchers and educators as well as enjoyable student projects.

The pre-production work on one of my thesis projects is plowing ahead nicely.  We have a full cast for Project Z-6463 and I'll be meeting soon with the costumer to design the look of the characters.  As of now, we are 62% funded in the Kickstarter project and are hopeful that we'll meet and possibly exceed our funding goal.

The editing for my first thesis short 3D project, An Ancient Pond, is almost complete.  Just need to tighten things up here and there and smooth out the pacing.  We'll then be on to the music and foley editing.  Once that is complete, I'll be generating a DCP so we can screen the piece in the IU Cinema on May 1st along with some other 3D movies from Telecom students.

Now for some links of a more general nature.

Broadcast Engineering has a story titled Real-time transport of 3-D from the camera to the screen by Nigel Seth-Smith.  This reads like a white paper looking at challenges and possible solutions along the signal path for broadcasting 3D content.

Filming for The Hobbit as directed by Peter Jackson has begun as of today!  They're using 15 3D rigs built with RED Epic cameras for the production.

The Short and Sweet 3D film festival is taking entries.  I need to polish up my various projects and get to sending them in!

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