Monday, May 9, 2011

Sintel in 4K at the Seattle International Film Festival

I was contacted by the Blender Foundation last week to help them deliver the 4K DCP of Sintel to the Seattle International Film Festival.  We packed this in the IU Advanced Visualization Lab (my day job) as soon as the project released the 4K frames.  Turns out Sintel earned Laurels from SIFF!

The DCP fit onto a 32 GB thumb drive (formatted NTFS to ingest on the Sony LMT-200 media block) and was mailed Express Mail to SIFF.  We'll hear back later today if it ingests properly.

Everyone at SIFF, you're gonna LOVE Sintel at 4K!  The level of detail that the artists put into the production is incredible and at 4K you'll see every little bit of awesome in the movie.

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