Wednesday, February 2, 2011

3D in the IU Cinema, a success!

The IU Cinema hosted a showcase of 3D content developed with the help of the IU Advanced Visualization Lab.  We showed content from three sources:
  • A 3D modeling and animation class at IUPUI
  • The 3D production class at IU Bloomington
  • The Advanced Visualization Lab
The content included entertainment and educational animations, live action comedies, drama, and thrillers as well as a hybrid CG/live action educational piece.  All of this was screened with the leading edge equipment in the THX certified IU Cinema at 2K resolution with a Dolby Infitec 3D system.

The event was quite a success by any measure as 218 tickets were sold and 138 of them were actually used (it was a free screening on a Sunday afternoon).  This was the first screening in 3D at the IU Cinema and things went very well.

We learned a lot about processing 3D content to create digital cinema packages (DCPs) that could be played by the Dolby DSS-200 media block and Barco 2K projector.

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