Friday, February 18, 2011

Creation of the Sintel DCP has begun

I'm part way through the packing of the Sintel DCP.  They did a good job of intermediate file preparation, but I had to take the extra step of splitting out the 5.1 audio score into discrete monaural WAV files for the DCP packing software.  Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 made short work of that.

After checking the 20,000+ frames for consistency the packing has begun.  This is actually the second attempt at a pack, the first run hit a snag around frame 8000 for some reason.  I've noticed that the DCP software can get a little persnickity if the host computer has been running for a week or more.  So, after a fresh reboot we're packing again and are somewhere around frame 4000 as of this blog post.

After completion I'll be able to test the DCP at 2K with our temporary media host as well as over at the IU Cinema at 2K via their Dolby DSS-200 screen server.  I'm expecting the Nvidia Quadro Plex 2200-D2 to come in in about 2 weeks, we'll then be able to run our 4K projector at full resolution and play back Sintel at full 4K resolution.

I hope to have good news to report in the morning.  After the DCP has packed and been tested, I'll post it to the AVL ftp server for interested parties to partake of.

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