Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Update on "Project Z-6463"

Well, Project Z-6463 (working title) is still moving forward, though at a slow pace.  I'm planning to finish the pre-production prep soon and get to casting and rehearsals by the end of the month.  The idea is to shoot over a weekend in mid-May (probably the weekend after IU graduates).  One day and two nights will give us enough material to cut together this 5-7 minute short.

I'll be casting 10 roles, three of them speaking.  This will, of course, be shot in 3D with a Scope aspect ratio (2.39:1).  I'll also try to work out how to develop a decent 5.1 sound stage for the final product.  Hopefully we can develop a showcase for the IU Cinema so you can see this on the big screen!

We're also planning some stunts and will be working with some very talented IU students that are also attending stunt school in their free time.

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