Monday, February 21, 2011

Sintel 4K DCP is complete

HD frame from the production
The DCP version of the 4K Sintel at 8 bits per color is packed and checked.  This is an InterOp packed Digital Cinema Package and is playable in any DCI compliant digital cinema.  It is not keyed or encrypted and is re-released according the the CC 3.0 license of the original.

This is a directory containing six (6) files.  You'll need all six of them for the DCP to be valid. There is also a TAR archive available for ease of downloading.  If someone wishes to mirror the DCP, please do so and enjoy.

Most modern D-Cinema media blocks can read a USB hard drive or thumb drive formatted for: NTFS, HFS+, and EXT3 filesystems.  You can't use FAT32 for this as the largest file, the video essence, is far larger than the 4 GB file size limit under FAT32.

When the 16-bpc version is available, I'll pack that into a DCP as well.

Nice job everyone, it's a good story and very well done.


p.s. There are other 4K-mono and 2K-3D DCPs in there as well, enjoy.

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