Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Refitting and realigning the 3D video rig

Last week I ordered some more parts for the 3D video rig designed and built for the AVL.  These new parts will be a refit to help with tripod clearance when tilting down and overall stability improvements.

The rig is built from 80/20 aluminum profiles and designed around the underslung split-beam concept.  In this case the upper camera is the RIGHT camera and the LEFT camera is underslung on the front.  This is the preferred configuration for handheld shots for a few reasons:

  • lower center of gravity
  • much lower height clearance (doorways can be scary)
  • lower overall profile helps with sight lines when shooting at sporting events

This refit will shorten the downtube and add a wider mounting plate (which will also raise the while rig 25mm).  In the past the long downtube was striking the tripod if tilted down too far.  When an extreme tilt down was needed, the stereographer and 1st AC would need to get creative with the tripod legs or change over to a handheld shot to get the desired framing or angle.

After the refit the whole rig will need a realigned since the whole LEFT camera mount will have been changed and shifted a little bit.  The alignment process we're using takes about 30 minutes and several microphone stands for use as targets.  A long hallway is a real help here.

The plan is to finish this in time for the next student shoot, Leotards and Legwarmers, to have the rig in time for their rehearsal later this week.

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